Union of Associations to help persons

With Intellectual Disability in Serbia


Union of organizations for helping people with intellectual disabilities in Serbia (further: Union) is voluntary, humanitarian, non-governmental, nonprofit and non-political organization, established for an indefinite term, for the purpose of fulfillment of the goals in the field of social policy – improvement of the rights and position of persons with intellectual disability and persons with multiple development disability on the territory of Republic of Serbia.

Union is an legal entity with rights, obligations and responsibilities determined by the law and this statute.

The name of the Union:

Union of Associations to help persons with Intellectual Disability in Serbia

Union is located in Belgrade, Knez Mihajlova 10 Street

Union is fulfilling its activities on the territory of Republic of Serbia.

Union has its own: seal, stamp and sign.


Goals and activities:

Goals of the Union are:

  1. Improved rights and position of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families in Serbia
  2. Improved capacity of local organizations, members of Union
  3. Participation of persons with intellectual disabilities, as well as persons with other disabilities and their families, in the process of decision making in all fields of social life
  4. Developed and available services of support to all citizens of local community
  5. Strengthened capacity of family for taking care of their child with developmental disability.
  6. Staying of the child in biological family and natural environment.
  7. Appreciation of developmental abilities of children, early stimulation and rehabilitation in the process of development
  8. Respecting human rights and freedom, acknowledgment differences, accepting persons with intellectual disability and persons with other disabilities as equal members of local community
  9. Applicability of international and domestic laws and strategic documents related to child rights and people with disabilities rights
  10. Protection of children, young people and grown up people from neglecting, exploitation, abuse and violence, particularly the members of vulnerable social groups
  11. Incitement of personality development and children abilities through the access to health and social services, inclusive education and individualized support in the process of child’s growth and development
  12. Developed data base for persons with intellectual disability and persons with other forms of disability
  13. Continuous expansion of the local organizations network
  14. Developed partnership with with other providers of support services, on local, regional, and national level.
  15. Improved partnership with similar organizations and unions on national and international level.